Bench Building Recruitment

Bench Building Recruitment

Approach: Much has been written about the war for talent, however defining what that means often comes from your perspective in hiring. At NexBench we define the war for talent as hiring someone that will strengthen you and weaken your competition simultaneously. That may be someone with many clients loyal to them, the latest technical skills and/or experience that will accelerate your firm’s growth.

If you are looking to build a bench of those who would add immediate strategic value when hired, then we have a proprietary confidential system to recruit those who do not need to look.

Bench Building:

We have a transparent process of helping you build confidential relationships with your competitors’ top performers. These relationships usually take months, sometimes years before they come to fruition. We have a monthly fee and success fee for hiring those whom we introduce and help you to build relationships with over time.

Speed “Container” Recruitment:

If time is of the essence to build out new capabilities or enter a new market, then we have a project based retained speed search process. We will partner with you to develop a full game plan to meet your goals on time. You will know at the end of this process that the full universe of possible candidates were aware of your opportunity.


Contingency Recruitment:

If you are not satisfied with the results of your current recruitment activities, we offer contingency recruitment. We will gain a full understanding of the career opportunity and reach out to those in our database that may be interested in being considered, introduce candidates to you and assist you in hiring.