About Us

About Us

NexBench has a recruiting solution to alleviate the frustrations hiring managers and human resource leaders encounter while attracting new professionals.

Have you lived the nightmare of these recruiting metrics?

5 months, 2 Recruiters, 750 applicants/explorers, 64 phone screens (32 hours), 14 hours of hiring managers interviews and 11 “Super Days”. Only to have 3 offers, 2 turn downs, 1 acceptance at base salary 150% of your desired salary with a large signing bonus.

In 2018, we set out to understand why this happens and this is what we commonly heard:

1. There are just not enough good people who want to work.
2. It’s hard to find people who deliver on what they promise.
3. The candidates don’t have enough energy, too much energy, and don’t show a lot of passion.
4. “I’ll know the right person when I meet them.”
5. Candidates are using us to get a counter offer from their current employer.
6. Managers deciding not to hire realizing they just wanted to kick the tires on who is willing to meet with them and damaging the company’s reputation as somewhere great to work.
7. “If they are highly paid now, they must be stars”.
8. “My last two hires are doing just ok; this is a critical hire.”
9. “Not sure if this hire is a culture fit to develop into the role/responsibilities or a technical/experience/sales fit to demonstrate the right behaviors for the team.”
10. Last but never least, hiring managers love the candidates. However, peers and direct reports on the selection team have a totally different idea of the type of person to fill the role.

If you have ever experienced any of these frustrations or more, we will tailor a recruiting solution that will cut through the noise and get the right people in the right role.