About us

Our firm was started in 2018 as an affiliate of Doherty Search Partners. Our founder, Chuck Doherty has over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience consulting with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 to innovation companies looking to scale. As he has built a network of financial firms serving the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, he has consistently recognized qualified candidates with the energy to successfully grow your company.

NexBench has services that solve the five basic problems all hiring managers and human resource leaders encounter while attracting and retaining professionals.

1. Selecting candidates who after gaining experience in their entry level role will pursue a development path within the company.
2. Optimize outside hiring by having the right person in the right seat.
3. Designing and implementing a recruitment process that attracts candidates with little promotion.
4. Winning the war for candidates that by hiring them strengthens you and weakens your competitors.
5. Adding professional staff for short-term projects, to meet tight deadlines, consult while doing a full search and augment your core team during peak work periods.